6 Things Us Mommas Wish We Could Say

So I know all you Stay at home mommas out there have been asked the question “what do you do ALL day” at least once and this is even more true of Homeschool moms.  So here is a list of 6 things we all wish we could say we do and the 6 things we really do.

1. Today I did nothing, not one thing. And by nothing I mean, fed children at 6:30, fed animals checked all their water at 7:00,  started school at 8:00 only to have a baby poop out of his pants on to the swing he was sitting in at 8:15, my 5 year started to complain of a sick stomach around 9:00 and then vomited on the couch a few minutes later and the 7 year old started gagging just from the smell of it all. Once that was all cleaned up, yes we all sat down on the love seat (cause remember the couch is now wet from the aftereffects of cleaning up vomit) and watched The Cat and the Hat while the 7 year old yelled questions about his school from the other room.  laundry

2. Went Grocery shopping all alone and there was not one  other person shopping in the entire store. What actually took place was a mad dash to the store before Tae Kwon Do class with an extremely longggggg list in hand,  so many people everywhere that you can hardly maneuver down the aisle you need, with 2 kids that know how to behave but one 5 month old that you just can’t quite reason with. By the time you get to the entirely too long checkout line you are truly contemplating skipping out on class and may even move to a country that has grocery stores that utilizes all the checkout counters, not just two no matter how busy they are. However by the time you actually get all the food in the cooler and playingeveryone buckled into their seats you realize that taking the kids to a class where you can just sit back and watch for an hour is much more relaxing, no matter how loud they yell.

3. Cleaned the house and it stayed that way ALL DAY LONG.Wake up to clean house. Make beds. Make breakfast. Clean up that mess. Start school. Younger messy head comes out of her room in the 3rd outfit for the day so you check her room. Clean THAT mess. Continue with school. ITS lunchtime! Clean THAT mess. Break for reading time and science video, pillows fly while you’re in the bathroom. Clean THAT mess. Schools done. Clean THAT mess. Send children outside to avoid more messes. Dog has tipped over trash can. Clean up THAT NASTY A mess. The day continues on in the same manner but finally finally the sweet little mess makers go to bed and you are left alone to rest in your labors of cleanliness.

4. Drank a cup of hot tea and read a book. It may have been like 3 in the morning and the tea may have kept me up till 5 and the baby may have woken up at 7 but you read that book by gawd.

5. Got all the exercising done in one hour without interruptions. Okay that never happens.

6.  Took a LONG relaxing Bath. Oh the days when you could take a bath in complete silence, repeat complete silence! We live in a small farm house with only one bathroom so I may have this worst than some but I know its true for ALL mommas to an extent. Knock, knock, knock, “Sita” Knock, knock, knock “Sita” knock, knock, knock “Sita”Knock, knock, knock” I can’t hold it Sita” “Pee outside” I yell like three times so he can hear me (country living has it up sides) and then the younger kid pipes in “He’s gotta poop Sita” Thank you baby girl I just shaved one leg and still have conditioner in my hair but I will get out ASAP. You don’t play around with that Sh… Stuffknock

So its funny how cray cray a day in the life of a stay at home mom can be but man is it worth it when your beautiful little girl looks up at you and says “I hope I’m as sweet and beautiful as you when I grow up” No one calls me sweet I mean sweet just isn’t something I thought would ever be put together in reference to me but kids change ya, make a person softer somehow and that’s not bad.

“Momma Said there’d be days like this, there be days like this my momma said.”


What no one tells you about their New Year’s resolutions…..THEY FAIL

Its that time of year again, where everyone and their dogs are making New Year’s Resolutions, lose weight, be happy, quit smoking, stop chewing on the cat, blah blah blah. I rarely make a “resolution” simply because my philosophy is every day is new, to start fresh, to get it right or heck even start over if need be. However this year I succumbed to conformity and told myself that I would start doing two things better this New Year.HILLS

Numero Uno
1. Write a new post once a week.
I have uddles and uddles of material because lets face it my life could be one big comedy, let me tell ya. (Okay I guess I just did) How about I give you an example.

Baby drool Me, I am okay with a baby’s many icky fluids such as burp up, snotty noses and the ultimate nasty, yellow poop but the hubby on the other hand once threw up because wet lent came in contact with his hand, yes wet lent. To say he has a weak stomach for the slimy things in life would be a gross understatement (hehe see what I did there gross) Funny how he can skin a deer and that doesn’t bother him a bit but his own son throws up half chewed summer sausage on his leg and he starts to gag uncontrollably as he waves his hands for me to clean the mess. Man and dog bw

ANYWAY now that you understand why I don’t ask him to change diapers or the like we can all laugh at the irony of nearly every time he holds our new little bundle of baby fluids he doesn’t come away unscathed. Seriously I hold the baby most of the time and hardly get burped up on, hubby holds him for a few minutes and yellow poop oozes out of the diaper on to my weak stomached man. I am truly surprised that I haven’t had to clean up two messes. YET. Rabbit hole gone down, explored, and now over.

So we are over two weeks into the New Year and I haven’t written one post, why not you ask? Well to put it simply new puppy, teething, dangling internet line= no internet for us.Hank 3

So when I called backwoods internet people, whom are extremely nice and you can hardly get off the phone with,  they said they were too busy to fix the internet/chew toy for awhile. They spoke the truth and fixed it almost a month after I called them the first time. So a slow start to number 1 “resolution” but I am hoping to stay on top of it now that I have no excuses!bull calf

Number 2

2. Be more Self-Sufficient with food.  

In things such as fresh eggs, dairy, gardening and bacon. (which gets second mention because well its just so darn good, BACON)I want to do this for 2 reasons to be more healthy and save money.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to HARRY E. BUTT aka H.E.B (okay its Howard but Harry Butt sounds so much better) I want to throw up with the cost, like for reals I need to sell a kidney to feed my kids. So I have been planning dreaming of seeds,pig pens, chicken coops and a small herd of the adorable Nigerian dwarf goats. goatOh the joys of having my own fresh milk and cheese and yogurt and cream and did I mention milk? Milk is going for $3.50 a gallon, fuel is less per gallon just saying. Goats are low maintenance escape artist that give us humans the liquid gold otherwise known as dairy products! So the year has barley begun and with one “resolution” already blown out of the water what is holding me back from my goal of self-sufficiency from the ole “Harry Butt? Well let me tell you, money. And yes money is one of the reasons I want to be self-sufficient but like the old saying “it takes money to make money” and with a move of location in our near future it just wouldn’t be the smartest thing in the world to invest in those things here. I feel like I am living in limbo waiting for the house to sell however wanting to continue progress here but once our house sells its adios amigos and then I have to start ALL OVER. So I have definitely put that “resolution” on hold.

Silly girlI guess the saying “we make plans and God laughs” is pretty much true. What New Year’s Resolutions have you made in your lifetime that failed in the best of ways?

Life Reloaded

Like the spring a child’s birth makes every new and different, fresh some how, even if you continue with the same routine not long after their birth life is forever changed with that tiny bundle of joy/poop/burp up/ giggles/tears, crazy how someone so very small can change your world.Wesley day 1My baby boy, the little papoose is already 5 weeks old and wow I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by(and yes I realize I haven’t written a post in a long time I was……. busy, okay just sleepy). Any overly large 9 month pregnant woman will tell you that the last few weeks of pregnancy drag by at a snails pace but the second that little human pops out the time flies by and you struggle to savor every moment or struggle to stay awake depending on the small humans sleeping patterns :)The labor was uneventful or shall I say as uneventful as labor can be, nothing too gross happened so I will say it was a win. Recovery is well recovery, I am still feeling the unfortunate side effects of not wanting to sit up straight and too much weight on “that” area tends to be very painful.

Baby's first bathHowever all the pain wouldn’t diminish the perfect little 7 lbs 8 oz  papoose God blessed me with. This was definitely a planned pregnancy in fact we tried and tried to conceive for 6 months  and finally last November that magical pee stick made may day ( yes a pee stick made my day, its magic remember) After trying to conceive for that long the excitement was overwhelming, and then the let down of a miscarriage was pretty devastating. In all things I try to remember there is a purpose, a lesson or plan but sometimes it is just, for lack of a better word, HARD. I went to the Dr and she said it would be better to wait to try again and that although physically I am fine to get pregnant  immediately, emotionally she thought it would be best to wait a few months.

The boys So I talked it over with the hubby and we decided to “wait” uhmm  and God laughed. I became pregnant before you can say”its been a month” in fact it was less than a month after I lost the first baby that I started to suspect I was indeed pregnant again. In route to Red River to go skiing we stopped and I bought another magical pee stick to confirm what I already knew and low and behold I decided not to ski on anything but the bunny slops since well,  I was knocked up, had a bun in the oven, preggers or shall I say very properly “in the family way”. So it wasn’t an easy  process but now I have a little blessing that is a living, breathing, pooping machine that I wouldn’t trade for anything ( I am not exaggerating, if you could make money off baby poop I would be a millionaire)Sister meets baby

I can’t decide if he is a great baby or if I have just matured a lot since my last infant because nothing stresses me out about this little guy, his cries seem adorable, his midnight grunts crack  me up, his grumpy old man face is too much to handle and every time he poops it is like an alarm goes off to let me know its that time again (which makes everyone in the house laugh its that LOUD) Life here has slowed down a bit but I am loving all the down time of just holding this little guy, trying to appreciate this very short time where he will even let me hold and cuddle him.

first family Pic

Responsibility where have you gone?!?

So I have always been of the mind set that hard work, responsibility and perseverance  are good for the soul, you know idle hands and whatnot. I think our society has put the god of entertainment as the end all, win all, purpose for our lives.   Eat, drink and be happy for tomorrow we die. Yet in my mind that is empty if you don’t have a true purpose, a cause and RESPONSIBILITY.fence post

How can you enjoy laughter if you never cried? How can you feel blessed if you never had rough times? You can’t have day without night and you can’t have pleasure without responsibility! It is a delicate balance, everyone has heard ” all work and no play make Jack a dull boy” (or is it John?) but the opposite is also true. We shelter our kids wanting them to never have to grow up, they are only kids once right? But that does them no favors AT ALL! How can they be expected at the ripe old age of 18 to make life decisions? Especially when the biggest decision most have made up to this point was what they should do on the weekend. We want them to enjoy life, which is great but sometimes we over compensate and they are left being unprepared for life in general. I know I sound like a Debbie Downer but I guess what I am trying to say is as a parent it is our job to give our kids the balance of enjoyment and responsibility. Where is she going with all this you might ask? Or at least I would ask if I didn’t already know (okay I am just typing what comes, so it will be a mystery to us all 😉

Roping Mini

Over the last month my little wrangler boy who is 7 years old, has decided he wants to start his own “business” which most of you are probably thinking, ‘oh how cute a lemonade stand’, ah nope, he has decided to train miniature horses and these aren’t exactly tame old mares that have been pets their entire lives, these are more like 2 to 5 year old stud mini’s that have never been touched, which if you know anything about horses means this could get pretty hairy. So let me give you a little back story cause otherwise you will be lost to as what made him decide to start in the mini business. A friend of my husband (who we’ll call J-Dog) was looking to get his 4 year old son a mini to ride and found a guy who was selling them for cheap, real cheap (there isn’t a huge market for unbroken mini stud horses let me tell you)  and he asked my hubby if we wanted some for our little Wrangler boy, who up to this point would rather ride a 4 wheeler or go-cart than any four legged animal so the hubs declined the offer.  Kid on bike

Just out of curiosity we asked our son if he would want to take a stab at riding them and surprise surprise he did, so we went over to said friends house after he brought home the mini’s and Wrangler boy took them for a twirl (yes I know twirl is girly word but I am a female and I like the word, so hush) Then the funniest thing started to happen every day my husband was home from work the popular question became.

“When can I go ride J-Dog’s minis?” from our 7 year old former motor head.

So off we went and drove the 30 miles to J-Dog’s casa to ride minis, we went  several times and  he rode them around, not very gracefully I might add but he loved it and before long the next popular question started to come up.

“Can I get my own minis?”

I had some reservations, allow me to list them. Long list  now drops to floor.

1. Will he stick with the training? I mean he is only 7 and I do not, I repeat do not want to have a bunch of untouchable little stud horses running around I have to feed everyday. Whats the point right?

2. Will he enjoy it? I don’t want it to be a hassle and absolutely no fun.

3. Injuries. Yes I am a mom and the little dude could get hurt so the thought has entered my mind.

4. We already have a very interesting assortment of strange animals to put it politely, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

Okay the list goes on but I won’t bore you anymore and I will get to the part about making it a business.  The question started to change from “can I get a mini?” to “can I train my own mini?” and this intrigued me. He didn’t just want a mini, he wanted to make the mini into something he could enjoy and take pride in. Then the dreaming started.

Colton at western her

“This could be my business. I could train mini’s and sell them. What should I call my business? How much money should I charge people? What should I call my business? I could ride them at play days and rodeo’s so people we see how good they are. What should I call my business? I will need a round pen. What should I call my business? I will need tack that fits a mini. What should I call my business?  I can just start with minis and then go to ponies and then I can break regular horses like daddy. What should I call my business?” I don’t think I have ever seen him so excited about anything, he is a very serious kid most of the time. I couldn’t help but catch the excitement with him but the true moment I decided we needed to do this for him was an early morning when he was outside feeding the animals and I look outside to see him sitting  in a thoughtful manner by our barn, which you must remember he is only 7 so I was really wondering what was running through his adorable little head.

“What were you thinking about?” I asked him.

“Oh nothing” he said

“It looked like you were day dreaming” I told him.

“Whats that?” he asked me

“You know  happy thoughts,  thoughts about things you would like to do.” I tried to explain.

“I guess I was. I was thinking about my mini business.” He said with a smile.

It warmed my heart to say the least, to see him after a long period of time( at least long to a 7 year old) still have  the same goals. We  started to discuss the responsibility side and I warned of the hardship it would be  but to no avail he was still determined that this could be something he would love.Riding Cinch

So I started to help the little man plan. we bought a much needed round pen, which mini’s aside we needed for our current horses, the Wrangler boy went to his bank and got enough money out to buy 2 mini’s and the required tack, it was very cute watching him add up all the expenses in his little head. And so the venture began, we drove a short distance about 60 miles ( we are in Texas that is considered short) to roundup the miniature stud horses. I know I haven’t forgotten but you may have so let me remind you, I am SO pregnant right now that I wasn’t much help to my husband when he had to rope and drag theses little guys (I call them “little but they are pure muscle just saying) into our trailer and the gentleman who we were buying them from seemed to think I needed entertainment so he talked and talked till I knew I needed to help out at least a little and broke away from gab man to get behind the mini and crack the whip so to speak, I got back pretty far didn’t want the little squirt in my belly to be in danger but close enough to get the untouched minis into our trailer.

The Wrangler boy was ready to start his business and so far we have mainly had good days, he has fallen off a few times when the little guys turned quicker then he was but overall injuries have been nothing but a bruise from falling into the water trough which lets face it he a is a boy and bruises are their constant companions.

Riding DudI know there are parents who resent their kids because all they do is “clean up after them” or “take care of their silly dog”  it is not going to kill your kids to let them clean up after themselves or feed their pets or even put some dishes up after supper, just remember to praise them, thank them and allow them to feel pride in helping out around the house, you will  enjoy your kids more I promise (okay maybe not at first but if you make it enjoyable and if they are young enough you can trick them into thinking it is fun too). The thing that makes me realize more then ever how great responsibility can be is seeing this kid have purpose, he loves it, knowing that he bought and paid for all the needed material to start his own “business” and that he will be the one feeding and caring for these animals has made a crazy difference in the way he views himself. Responsibility is something that gives someone purpose and when a person puts their all into it gives confidence.Round pen


Pregnant…. With Children

So I am sitting in the waiting room at my OBGYN’s Office and it got me to thinking about life as a pregnant lady with kids and most of the things that come to mind are pretty humorous! Perfect example is when we jumped the gun a little and  had told the kids that we planned on having another baby, however our timing and God’s didn’t line up, it took us about six months to finally see that little pee stick have a double line to say a baby was on the way. I am sure you can guess how many times I was asked

“Is there a baby yet?” from two over excited little people.

So how did we tell the kids you ask? Or I assume you ask cause obviously you’re still reading. Well we waited till we heard the heart beat at my 12 week check up and then when my husband picked me up from the Dr.s office we broke the news, sassy girl says
“The Dr. put a baby in you?”
“No! God did” the 7 year old responded
The hubby and I got a good laugh from their innocent responses.

Baby Boy!

I feel like every question and situation gets the response of “I’ll tell you when you’re older” Like when my 7 year old over heard me talk to the hubs about being dilated. Awkward!
“What’s that?!?” He asks.
“umm….. It means, I dunno I’ll tell you when you’re older.”
Or how after months of going alone to the Dr. I gave in and let the kids come to hear the baby’s heartbeat and let me tell you, a person doesn’t think about the signs and posters in a OBGYN’s office till you bring and 7 year old who is an avid reader.

colton and jenna Snocones

“How do you control your period?!?” Haha I have no response.

Once in the “room” he sees the mold (you know the one) and asks “what is that?” I smile and say the same thing I have repeated over and over again

“I’ll tell you when you’re older”
that’s when the sassy 4 year old pipes in
“why won’t you tell us now?!? We want to know what it is!” I giggle and smile and they start laughing.
“What?!” They ask in unison
“oh nothing” I barely get out.
“Tell us!” She demands with more laughter
“When you’re older” I laugh
So the guesses begin.
“Is it a cup?” The sassy one asks
“No” me
“Is it a funnel?” The avid reader
“No” I am trying to not cry from laughter
“Do you put your finger in it?!” My avid reader asks quizzically
At this point all my cute little girl giggles are lost and the goofy laugh that I call my own burst forth. The kids are laughing cause I am laughing but they have no clue what has taken over their Sita aka mom. I am crying at this point no use denying it!
“Let’s change the subject” I tell them
“What’s so funny? Tell us?!” The sassy one laughs
Thank God for small favors the Dr. came in and the questions ceased

Kids at dr office

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I homeschool my kids and no I don’t want them to be the stereo typical “unsocial/sheltered” homeschool kids (or at least what most of society thinks is a homeschool kid) I just want a few things, good education, freedom in learning/time, confidence, and of course self discipline (which most people lack today)
So when is the appropriate time to explain the birds and the bees? Or at least start to explain where exactly babies do come from? These chillens see it all around(how can they not? Animals aren’t very discreet, let me tell you) so maybe it will be easier than I think 🙂

What is irony? Raccoons, cats and now chickens.


So I have been wanting chickens for the last 2 years really really badly! Um I don’t want to understate this I really, truly, wholeheartedly, with all my being wanted those nasty little critters. Why you ask? For the eggs and meat of course,  dur-ta-dur. Even more than that to be healthy and save money, we eat a lot of eggs and chicken, I don’t work outside of the home any longer but I try at every turn to keep our expenses to a  minimal, making my own bread, snacks, torillas, growing my garden and not eating out (okay not eating out very often cause sometimes you just really want to) has helped tremendously but I really want to go the step further and have my own meat and eggs. (Next would be a pig and milk goats 🙂 However my plans for a chicken coop  have been thwarted by my hubby who cannot, I repeat cannot just throw a coop together for me, he is a perfectionist when it comes to building things to say the least! So we have planned, put off,  and planned for a while now and  this past spring was the goal to have a chicken coop and all my hens. Everything looked good for that, until we went on vacay skiing and he broke his leg, tore his ACL, MCL and lateral meniscus. Yes I know when he does stuff its all or none, none of that half a$$ stuff 😉 So he was off work for almost 3 months, with little pay and medical bills weren’t cheap even with insurance and the project was  put off once again 😦 Then we got our cute coonie pets, I mean I know they like to eat eggs so getting them wasn’t exactly planning ahead (and plan ahead I should have because they can  live up to 20 years in captivity, talk about a life-time commitment) but how does one say no to a 4 and 7 year old when they just ask so sweetly? Now for the irony part, this morning my husband came home with 5 hens, I can’t decide if I am over joyed or waiting for the inevitable disaster to strike!

cat socks

Cats, coons and now their prey chickens. On the bright side we may be okay with coons and chickens because it seems that I have two raccoon’s on my  hands that LOVE sugar! I don’t usually buy donuts but Sunday morning I did and my four year old decided to eat them on our back deck, however Rooster must have tasted her crumbs because he climbed up her leg faster then you can say “Rooster Cogburn”  and stole that doughnut and ate quick as lightening, he does NOT eat his eggs or fruit fast  and I was shocked to say the least. I may have a diabetic coon on my hands if I don’t monitor what the chillens feed him, I have already witnessed my boy pouring out his Popsicle juice for the little scavengers. They now see someone with  a Popsicle and climb all over you trying to get it!

Colton and coons climbimgNow let me tell you these are very FREE Range chickens, I wanted to have chickens that would roost in a coop but be free range during the day however these ladies have never been in a coop, although we plan to still build one  neither one of us think they will have much to do with it. We have a ton of pallets that we store coastal hay on for our horse every year and right now they are looking like they may be my raw material for this chicken coop, fingers crossed we can get them in there!


I was all worried about the coons and cats that I  never thought our horses would even pay the chickens any mind, however they did! Anson chased them like she was tracking cattle, cutting back and forth never missing a beat ( really making me wish we had those cattle) it was frightening and awesome to see at the same time! I wish I would have videoed the entire thing because it was epic! The chickens finally figured out they could fly(go figure right) and flew into the chute where no horse could bother them. Not sure how things will turn out but it is sure to bring some smiles along the way!

Anson 1960

6 Reasons Life is Better Outdoors


Life is way too short to live indoors! Okay not that I suggest actually living in a tent but I mean doing “life” outdoors is just, well….. fresher. Ah breath it in! I love drinking coffee on my deck when the sun is barely up, inhaling that fresh cut grass smell, seeing the humming birds fight over the feeders, fishing from a fast flowing river(I don’t even care if I catch anything), watching the horses run with their tails raised high, a newborn calf barely able to walk, and yes I even love the West Texas wind in my face(I do have moments of hating it but for the most part it’s great it drys my laundry in like 15 minutes flat)

Saving the electric bill and the planet. i know i am a super hero ;)

Saving the electric bill and the planet. I know I am a super hero 😉

I think creation reflects our Creator so well don’t you? So back to reasons life is better outdoors….número 1 1.Vitamin D. It’s outdoors and it’s called the sun!!! So many people nowadays have a supplement they take for vitamin D it blows my mind! Live in town? Go to the park, sit outside your back door apartment, take a walk on the wild side and walk down the street! It can clear your stressed mind and burn some calories, ya see there’s more than one way to pluck a buzzard. Put the phones/tablets away and just soak up the sun, wear sunscreen of course and coconut oil is a great alternative to the store bought kind.

It's free, it's outdoors and it's vitamin D!

It’s free, it’s outdoors and it’s vitamin D!

2. Animals. There has been study after study about the healing affect animals have on psychological problems, watching them, petting them, taking care of them and probably hunting too(I bet it could relieve work stress, I mean think about it)  We are a species that needs physical touch and having a pet to cuddle gives us a great outlet, they can’t tell you stop hugging them haha.

Curious little Coon

Curious little Coon

3. Gardening. I am by far not a professional Gardner I mean I could probably qualify for a mad scientist I can mutate strawberries and cucumbers like its nobodies business but I just love digging around in the dirt, harvesting the crops that don’t try to eat me and especially eating those succulent veggies. Canning is my next project and I can’t wait to be a mad Chemist.  Also you save money which is ALWAYS a plus!

Yes it is "supposed" to be a strawberry no I don't know what I did wrong, still researching

Yes it is “supposed” to be a strawberry no I don’t know what I did wrong, still researching

4. Fishing/Hunting. Everyone is on the organic bandwagon so buy a hunting/fishing license and get your meat in its most organic/wild form. Every November we hunt deer and get the meat ground and cut into steaks which feeds us until the next November I never buy ground meat from the store!Plus ground venison is lean and taste better in my opinion then the lean ground beef you can get at the grocery store. Again saves money$$$$$

Fishing so relaxing!

Fishing so relaxing!

5. Campfires!! Yes I am slightly a Pyromaniac but there is just something about burning wood that  gets me intrigued. Marshmallows cooking over a fire hit the spot on a starry night! I once started a fire with ENTIRELY too much gas and burned off all my arm hair without any skin damage, it grew back thicker than ever (now I am part werewolf) My mema always says “the Good Lord watches after children and fools and I ain’t no child”, in the fire situation it totally applies to me.


Last but certainly not least número 6! 6. WATER! Summer swimming, need I say more! When I was a kid we swam in the water toughs and it was all we needed to have a fun filled summer!

Pool Time!

Pool Time!

There are many many more reasons to live life outdoors, I would love to hear yours!